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Colors & Finishes Available:

With the partnering of technology and nature’s own beauty  - laminate has evolved to showcase stunning patterns of natural granite and marble in addition to their vast color selection. Schedule an appointment to visit our showroom to view the various samples and edge treatments available.   For more information on scheduling, visit our Contact Page Many colors are available in multiple finishes and all have a standard finish suggested by the manufacturer.  Choosing a finish other than the suggested standard may incure a longer lead time. 

Styles Available:

Blume Fabrication offers three different styles of laminate countertops to choose from: Self Edge Countertops Custom Edge Countertops Post Form Countertops

Post Form vs. Self or Custom Edge Countertops:

Post Form Countertops offered by Blume Fabrication: -Backsplash is attached and has a seamless finish. -Set-On Endsplashes are available -Edges have a seamless finish.  -Finished ends will have square edge end-caps  -10 Different Edge Treatments to Choose From -Design applications are limited to size restrictions of the material    offerings and the design layout -May require more seams than self/custom edge countertops Self Edge or Custom Edge Countertops fabricated by Blume Fabrication: -Self Edge countertops consist of a square edge treatment -Custom Edge Countertops consist of decorative edge treatments -Self Edge & Custom Edge Treatments will show a seam -Backsplash is set-on -Finished ends can have either a square edge end cap or decorative edge treatment with Custom Edge Countertops.  -Seams may be eliminated all-together upon the color chosen and size of countertops - access restrictions, design aspects and additional factors may apply.  Viisit our FAQ’s for more information.  For more information on the difference between Post Form Laminate tops and Self or Custom Edge Laminate Countertops, please visit our FAQ page. 

Edge Treatments:

Each manufacturer offers different edge treatments.  All laminate countertops are a standard of 1 1/2” thick.  Edge Treatments available for all Styles: Square Edge Wilsonart Edge Treatments: Formica Ideal Edge Treatments: Post Form Edge Treatments:

Basic Care and Maintenance:

Following the manufacturer’s guide to basic care and maintenance will keep your countertop looking and performing great, this information can be found within each manufacturer’s web-site.  Avoid cutting on top of the deck of your countertop - Cutting Boards should always be used.  Take care with porcelain items as they may leave scratches and blemishes in the finish.  Like all countertop materials, Laminate can be harmed by exposure to heat - whether prolonged or sudden.  Hot pads and trivets must be used underneath all heat generating appliances and pots / pans.  Avoid exposure to chemicals which may etch or discolor the surface of your countertop. 

Bowls Available:

The most popular bowl to place in your laminate countertop is a top mount / drop in bowl.  Edge Sinks - available in acrylic solid surface, stainless steel and quartz - undermount within Self Edge / Custom Edge countertops beautifully.  Standard undermount bowls are not availabe to be mounted within Blume Fabrication laminate countertops. 

Visit our Bowls and Accessories section for the different bowls Blume Fabrication


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