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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard dimensions of Solid Surface:

Solid Surface deck: 1/2” thick material built up to 1 1/2” thick Solid Surface Backsplash Height:  Kitchen: 4”,  Bathrooms 3 1/2” Backsplash Thickness:  Loose: 1/2” thick (standard) or 1” thick (upgrade)     Cove: 3/4” - 1” approximate thickness Wall Material Thickness: 1/2” thick Since Solid Surface is such a versatile material, the thicknesses and options available to design your countertop can be custom specified.  Looking for a thicker edge?  Want a six inch high backsplash?  Solid Surface makes that possible.  Additional dimensions may be available to accomodate your countertop design, visit our product sections for more information. What are the standard dimensions of Laminate: Laminate Deck: 1 1/2” thick Laminate Backsplash Height: Varies by edge option - starting at 3” high. Laminate Backsplash Thickness: Standard thickness 3/4” thick. Additional dimensions may be available to accomodate your countertop design, visit our product sections for more information. 

Does my countertop require sealant?

Neither Solid Surface nor Laminate materials require sealant.  To keep your countertop looking and functioning great, please follow the material manufacturer’s Care and Maintenance.  This information can be found within our product sections and is also provided on the manufacturer’s web-sites.

Are all countertop materials heat proof?

No.  No countertop material is heat proof.  Solid Surface and Laminate are heat resistant, not heat proof.  These materials can be damaged by extreme temperature changes, whether prolonged or sudden. Hot pads and trivets must be used when placing hot skillets, pots, pans, crock pots or other heat generating appliances on the surface.  Damage caused by improper care and maintenance is not warranted or covered by the manufacturer or Blume Fabrication. Can I cut directly onto the deck of my countertop while prepping food? Cutting boards must be used to keep the surface of your solid surface or laminate countertop from scratching, marring or gouging.  Damage caused by improper care and maintenance is not warranted or covered by the manufacturer or Blume Fabrication. My Solid Surface countertop is showing the wear of daily use, what can I do? One of the beautiful things about solid surface is that you can buff - also known as refurbishing or refinishing - to freshen it back up.  Doing so will take out those un- sightly blemishes caused by every day use.  Please contact us for a consultation and quote. What is the difference between Post Form & Self/Custom Edge Laminate Tops? Post-Form Laminate countertops are a much more cost effective solution to your countertop needs with a wide range of edges to choose from.  Yet, Post-Form tops have limitations to the customization of your design. Self-Edge & Custom-Edge options allow you to add distinct custom options to your kitchen layout and design.  Please see our product offerings for more information and examples. What is the difference between loose and cove backsplashes?           Loose Backsplash                                 Cove Backsplash Solid Surface backsplashes are available Loose or Cove. Laminate Post-Form tops are available Loose or Cove. Laminate Self-Edge & Custom-Edge tops are available Loose only at this time. Why do I need a seam, what will it look like and where will it be? Many factors play into why you may need a seam within your countertop.  Blume Fabrication works hard to minimize the need for a seam and strives to offer the best aesthetically pleasing seam as possible.  The final placement of seams are at the discretion of Blume Fabrication and the following factors are taken into account for placement: -Manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements -Grain direction (movement of the pattern within the material) -Size of material chosen for your application -Layout of the project -Consideration of weight, handling, and location logistics of moving pieces into your home.  These include size of doors, elevators, hallways, etc. Solid Surface seams are inconspicious (not invisible) for speckled colors- visible for veined colors. Laminate seams are visible. Will I need support for the countertop overhang. During the processing of your order, please ask an associate if you are unsure of the need of support. The following are the limits on overhang before needing support.  These numbers are assuming the 1/3 – 2/3 Rule* applies. Solid Surface: 12” (1 ½” Build Up with Solid Wood) Laminate: 6” (1 1/2” Build Up with Solid Wood) *The one third two third rule means: Two thirds of the total width of the countertop must be supported.  Example you cannot put a 22” deep countertop on a 12” deep cabinet without corbels even though the overhang is within the limits. Please see mounting option for each material. Where can I obtain support items and when should they be installed? Blume Fabrication does not provide steel supports, corbels, cabinets, columns, pedestals, etc. These items can be obtained thru your cabinet design specialist. All supporting structures (cabinets, columns, pedestals, etc.) must be installed prior to time of templating. All corbels should be installed as soon as possible after your countertops have been installed. What is a template?  What is needed to complete the templating of my countertop? A template is a pattern of your countertop that is made on-site over your cabinets, ensuring the best fit possible for your home.  To complete your template, we ask that the following be on site and completed prior to our arrival:  -Bowls, Cook top/Range, Down-drafts are on-site for cut-out sizes and model information.  -All appliances must be at the jobsite and set in place. -Faucets on-site or faucet spreads -All cabinets must be on-site, secured and level.  -Farm / Apron Style Sinks must be installed, secured and level. -Cabinets that sit directly on the deck of your countertop (appliance garages and breadboxes) should be on-site but not installed. -Existing countertops should be removed prior to arrive to provide the best possible fit.  -Any additional items requiring cutouts are on site Will Blume Fabrication re-hook plumbing/gas/electric after installation? Blume Fabrication does not re-hook plumbing, gas, or electric.  We are not responsible for any gas, plumbing or electrical work.  These services should be completed by a trade professional. When should I schedule to have my plumbing completed? Plumbing work and any work to be completed to the areas surrounding the countertops should be done on the day following your install.  This will allow the adhesives used for your seam, bowl and backsplashes to properly set. 
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